Hello everyone! Welcome to my Generation X page, dedicated to one of the best comics in the world! If you're here, you obviously want to know more about your favorite team of muties, and hopefully you'll learn something! Good Ole Generation X premiered in October 1994! But first off, let me tell about a little of what happened before that. In the Phalanx Covenent the Phalanx were out to destroy the next Generation of X-Men. They gathered young mutants around the world including: the charming Monet St. Croix, the ambitious Paige Guthrie, sarcastic Angelo Espinoza and the quiet Clarice Fergurson. Who the heck is Clarice you might be thinking, I'll explain later. Banshee had gone to the x-mansion and found things amiss. Jubilee was in the danger room by herself and Psylocke hadn't noticed he was hiding from her, pretty weird considering she's a telepath (as if you guys didn't know). He got Sabretooth and Emma Frost (who was tied up by a Phalanx pretending to be Iceman I think) and they took Jubilee and got the heck out of there! Jubilee and Everett Thomas end up meeting up later and they along with White Queen and Banshee help rescue the rest of Generation X. But about Clarice. She was the the one who saved Generation X's life! See they were about to become toast when Blink (Clarice's code name)Blinked at Harvest, when "Blink" blinks, she slices and dices. Unfortunately Clarice's blink was too big and she sliced and diced herself too, this was real sad (No joke) After this Generation X, premiered. NOTE: SOMEHOW A BUNCH OF MY PICS HAVE DISSAPEARED. I'LL TRY TO GET EVERYTHING BACK TO NORMAL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. COME BACK AND YOU'LL SEE LOTS OF CHANGES, SOON PROBLY. =) NOTE!!!!: SOMEHOW ALL OF MY CHARACTERS HAVE DISSAPEARED TOO!!! SORRY, I'LL GET IT BACK TO NORMAL SOMEHOW.

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ROMANCES    OF    GENERATION    X       @--^----


Oh, the two little lovebirds. Paige first started to notice Jono around issue #6, I'm guessing. Paige had been really depressed because of the Legacy Virus thing, so she did what anyone else would do: she got drunk. With one beer mind you. Anyway, Jono found her and helped walk her to her room. When Paige confessed her feelings to him, Jono pointed out to her that she was drunk and this was the only reason she was saying these things. Paige tried to kiss him and Jono just blew up...the girls dormitorium that is. Paige luckily husked in time and wasn't hurt. Since that time Paige has been trying to get the moronic Jono to admit how he feels, but he's into this thing where he can't believe that anybody would actually be attracted to him (which I can kind of understand giving his situation), the thing that annoys me is that they've been trying to admit how they feel about each other for the longest time, and things just keep happening that won't let them! It's frustrating! Well, I'll update it when there are any new developments.


I seriously do not know what to make of these two. Jubilee and Everett get along great, everyone knows that. We also know that they'd make a really cute couple, and we know that Everett at least, has some sort of romantic notions toward the Jubester. For example on issue #28, when they were all in their fantasy world, look at the picture above. This was his little dream world, him and Jubilee. Yet on one of the Zero Tolerence issues (I'll look this up) he asks Monet to kiss him, not even really thinking of Jubilee. Guys are such a pain to understand.


Emma Frost and Sean Cassidy are total opposites, but you know what they say about total opposites. This is another relationship that is hard to understand. At times, they get along smashingly (*L*) and at other times they want to smash each other (corny, sorry). It took Sean a while before he trusted Emma, but that was all blown away when Emma told Emplate she'd trade Penny for the rest of the team. Emma tried to explain to Sean but he didn't listen. He knocked her out (down) and took off with Penny. I still don't know if her motivations were good but whatever. I think they'd make a good couple though, we'll just have to see what develops.

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