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Thanks to Leo and John who spent so much time doing the actual work! If it weren't for their letting me use of their pictures my page would be pretty plain. They both spent an incredible amount of time scanning (since I don't have one, they let me use their pics). John scanned the pictures from the Blade of the Immortal postcard book from Afternoon Presents (Gotta get me one of those!) and Leo scanned the black and white character pics *I think* but he let me use them is my point! Please make sure to visit both of their pages, they are incredible!

Check these pages out if you're a BOTI fan

Blade of the Immortal: Best Blade site on the net (my opinion)
John's Anime and Manga Page: Great page with lots of pics
Mugen no Jyuunin Storypage: Another wonderful Blade of the Immortal page
Studio Proteus: All you ever wanted to know about the people who translate Blade for us
Dark Horse: The homepage of the awesome people who bring us Blade
DH article on Blade of the Immortal: It's interesting, check it out.


Blade of the Immortal and all it's wonderful characters were created by Hiroaki Samura. They belong to him and not me! My favorite manga in the whole wide world is translated by the awesome people over at Studio Proteus. It's published by Dark Horse comics, a lovely company. Please don't sue me, I'm just a poor college student who is trying to tell everybody what they're missing if they're not reading this manga. Later! *I think that's all the copyright stuff*

Blade of the Immortal (copyright sign) by Hiroaki Samura. All rights reserved. First published in Japan in 1994 by Kodansha Ltd., Tokyo. English translation rights arranged through Kodansha, Ltd. New and adapted artwork and text (copyright sign) 1998 by Studio Proteus and Dark Horse Comics, Inc. All other material copyright (copyright sign) 1998, by Dark Horse Comics, Inc.