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Terry Bogard

The total sweety of the anime, Terry agrees to help out Sulia when she comes seeking his help in stopping her brother Laucorn. He kicks major butt (as you all know), but future girlfriends beware: his girls have a habit of getting killed. (not by him of course)

Joe Higashi

Joe is the good "bad boy" of the team. A cutie and a kickboxing champion, he decides to help out Sulia since he had nothing better to do. He constantly wonders when he'll be the one getting the girl.


A ninja (I think, right?) she agrees (or rather invites herself along) to help Sulia just because she didn't want the object of her affection, Andy, out of her sight. Mai is cool and also kicks butt.


Terry's younger brother and another great martial artist, Andy comes just because he's sweet. Mai's always after him but he kind of just ignores her every once in a while. We all know he loves her though. =)


Sulia comes looking for Terry to help her stop her twin brother who's collecting the armor of Mars to become a God! Along the way, she ends up falling in love w/ Terry and ends up falling under the curse of all of Terry's girlfriends.


Sulia's twin brother, him and her have a strong connection, which is one of the things that they use to keep tabs on each other. His lackies Hauer, Panny and Jamen followed his every order to destroy Terry and his friends from finding the armor of Mars before he did.


A complete babe (believe me girls, w/out the mask, he almost tops my fave Joe) he goes up against Andy twice to see who's the better fighter and the more beautiful.


Yes, he was only around for about 10 minutes of the movie, but he was a total cutie and had so much charm and savou faire I had to put him in! He fought Chang Xhing Xan (spelling?) in the beginning and was getting his butt kicked when he looked at his kids eyes. Then he was the one kicking @ss!


Laucorn's trusty lackey, he helped him out till the end. Ashamed that he'd let Sulia down, he let himself lose in a battle against Terry, since he was the only one who could stop Laucorn.


I truly don't know how to spell her name so forgive me. This one was working for Laucorn too, I think she was in love with him. She was arrogant though, and I won't name any names but she lost against a certain ninja girl. *L*