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Real Name: Jubilation Lee
Code Name: Jubilee
Age: I and some others say 16, Gen X says 13& 1/2
First Appearance:Uncanny X-Men #244

Probably my favorite character of the whole team, Jubilee is the reason I started collecting Generation X. Of course I grew to love everyone else of course but she's still my fave. Jubilee was a poor little orphan who was living in a mall when she was taken under the wing or the X-Men. She's sarcastic and at times may seem to have an attitude problem. She loves Wolvie, the one person who has been a truely good friend to her, I haven't really seen her make a bond w/ anyone in Generation X except perhaps Penny and Ev. At times I think she's really lonely. I think if they brought Blink back they'd get along great. Her power is pyrotechnic sparks, in other words fireworks. This girl could be extremely powerful if she weren't so afraid of using her power.