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Real Name: Clarice Ferguson
Code Name: Blink
Age: Real world 14 maybe, AOA 17 or 18
First Appearance: Phalanx Covenent

WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! You might be asking. SHE'S DEAD! I know that! None the less, I still see her as a member of Generation X. To everyone who came into Generation X late, Clarice is the reason that there even is a Generation X. She sacrificed herself so that the others could live. She died on X-Men #37. This was so sad, I cried. I was happy though that she was in the Age of Apocalypse! She kicked serious butt and you guys can check her out on Astonishing X-Men 1-4 and What If #75. The What If is bull, but it's fun reading anyway. If the people at Marvel are reading this BRING BACK BLINK ALREADY!!!!